Welcome Message:

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour to welcome you all to the International Conference of Research in Europe (ICRE) 2022, which will be held on 26-27 February 2022. ICRE is a virtual scientific event organised by the Union of Islamic Students Associations in Europe, aiming to create a space where young researchers and eminent scientists from all over the globe come to share their latest achievements in various fields of science and technology.

We cordially invite all Iranian scientists, researchers and students to take part in this multidisciplinary conference for an opportunity to extend their scientific network amongst Iranian scientists from all around the world. 

We will give our utmost effort to make the ICRE a platform which will spark new friendships whilst exploring current and future research directions in the academic world. 

Looking forward to seeing you all
Warmest regards

Prof. Hossein Ghanbari
President of ICRE 2022